Non-FEM Forks

Outside of the standard FEM forks there are many different methods and applications involving the fixing of forks:

Bolt-on - A number of manufacturers including ourselves offer bolted on fork arms. We can drill fork blanks to samples or drawings.

Pin Type - Pin type forks of any size are offered by SMC supplied with or without heel retaining hooks.

Square Hook - Square hook forks like pin forks can also be manufactured in any size

Attachment Mounted Forks - On many fork lift truck attachments the use of integrated forks to improve truck deration particulars are used. Usually when these are replaced the whole assembly with sliders and anchor points are placed. SMC can offer a quick turnaround (based on fork blank availability). We are able to remove the worn blank and replace onto the fork the old slider and anchor point thereby reducing replacement cost considerably. We not only offer this service for SMC clamps but for any other attachment manufacturer.