Forward tipping box rotator 180° (heavy duty model, FEMII/III)

■ Forward tipping rotator with a tipping angle of 180°
■ With rapid connection system suitable for FEM II and FEM III
■ Suitable for boxes with or without bottom deck
■ Suitable for box depths between 1.000 - 1.200 mm
■ Suitable for box height between 800 - 1.250 mm
■ 2 adjustable forks as standard (K90-2400-S: 4 adjustable forks)
■ Four hose connections as standard (type S)
■ Complete with hydraulic hoses and quick connectors


■  Sequence valve (type V)
■  Attachment parts for frontloader/reachtruck/shovel
TypeMax. machine widthMaximum loadFrontal extension lengthCenter of gravityMaximum box widthWeight
K90-1200-S1.620 mm2.500 kg460 mm530 mm1.200 mm845 kg
K90-1400-S1.820 mm2.500 kg460 mm530 mm1.400 mm870 kg
K90-1600-S2.020 mm2.500 kg460 mm530 mm1.600 mm895 kg
K90-1800-S2.220 mm2.500 kg460 mm530 mm1.800 mm920 kg
K90-2000-S2.420 mm2.500 kg460 mm530 mm2.000 mm945 kg
K90-2240-S2.660 mm2.500 kg460 mm530 mm2.240 mm970 kg
K90-2400-S2.820 mm2.500 kg460 mm530 mm2.400 mm1.065 kg