About Us

We are a professional team working successfully for you for many years.
We lead such values, which allows us not only realizing our mission and vision, but also is that factor, which brings us positive evaluations about our activity from our clients. Fields of our activity:

We invoke not only our values to realize all activity fields, but also materials with highest quality; innovative working methods; modern material base and collective with responsible, diligent and ready to improve people. Seeking to satisfy purchaser needs, we permanently renew our production assortment, and if the clients cannot find what he wants, we order it from a special catalogue.

Our Mission

Become a company, which would be the most operative, introduces innovations the most, is ready to suggest the biggest hydraulic technique assortment, which is a leader in the whole Baltic and which decisions fasten and improve your work.

Our Vision

To suggest a professional loading equipment paying the biggest attention to the quality of devices and purchaser needs by permanent assortment renew for competitive price.